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Fall 2023-2024 Registration Information
August 12, 2023

* IMPORTANT * Please read the following information before registering online.  Thank you!

The Fall semester starts September 10, 2023, and ends February 4, 2024.  See「Fall 2023 Calendar」.


  • Language class placement will be made by the registrar.  Please select the appropriate language class category when registering.

  • If opting to take a culture class, select the specific class.  You may also select a second choice culture class in case your first choice is full.  For descriptions of culture classes offered this semester, see 「Culture Classes, Fall 2023–2024」.


  • Culture classes are offered at a greatly discounted rate ($45) to students who are enrolled in a 2-hour language class. For those not enrolled in a language class, the rate is $90.


  • CSSJ is a volunteer-run school. Our school’s operation relies immensely on the efforts of its members. As such, families with children in a 2-hour language class are required to serve two (2) Parent Duty days.

  • A Parent Duty deposit of $100 (or $50 per Sunday) is due at the time of registration. The deposit is refunded when each duty day is completed. Please see 「What is Parent Duty? 」for more information.

New Families:  Please enter all contact information for both parents of children.

Returning Families:  Please use your unique CSSJ Family ID when registering (sent to you in an email).

2023-2024 年秋季註冊信息
2023 年8 月12 日

* 重要 * 請在網上註冊前閱讀以下信息。謝謝!

秋季學期從 2023年 9月 10 日開始,到 2024 年2 月 4 日結束。請參閱「2023 年秋季日曆」.


  • 語言班安排將在註冊後確定。註冊時請選擇適宜的語言班課程。

  • 如果選擇參加文化課,請選擇具體課程。如果您的第一選擇已滿,您也可以選擇第二選擇的文化課。有關今年秋季開設的文化課程的說明,請參閱「2023–2024秋季文化課程 」。


  • 參加 2 小時語言課程的學生可以以極低的價格(45 美元)參加文化課程。對於未註冊語言課程的學生,費用為 90 美元。


  • CSSJ 是一所志願者經營的學校。我們學校的運作很大程度上依賴於成員的努力。因此,有孩子參加 2 小時語言課程的家庭需要服務兩 (2) 個家長值日。

  • 註冊時需繳納 100 美元(每週日 50 美元)的家長值日押金。押金在每個家長值日結束時退還。請參閱「什麼是家長值日?」了解更多信息。

新加入家庭:  請𦖭入學生雙親的聯絡資料。

現任家庭:  註冊時請使用您獨特的CSSJ家庭ID(通過電子郵件發送給您)。

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