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Culture Classes

Culture classes are integral to our mission. They can complement language classes or taken independently. We strive to teach elements of Chinese culture that students would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.

All students who enroll in a school-age language class may also enroll in a cultural or academic enrichment class from 4:00 – 4:50 pm.  Students 5 years of age and younger taking a culture class must be accompanied by a parent.

Not all classes are offered every semester. A class will be canceled if there is an insufficient enrollment.

If you have specialized knowledge or a well-honed skill in a traditional Chinese art or another subject and would like to share with others (children or adults), please consider teaching at our school.  We are always looking for parents, family members, or friends to enhance our culture class offerings.

Youth Culture Classes Offered Spring 2019
Time: 4:00 - 4:50

Adult Culture Classes Offered Spring 2019

Descriptions of All Youth Culture Classes

Some classes may not be offered every semester.

Arts & Crafts

This class for younger students is easy to follow. Students will use construction paper, paper plates, popsicle sticks, clips, etc., to make holiday and seasonal decorations.  For example, students will make a paper pinwheel for Double Ninth Festival/Chong-yang in September, a spider web/skeleton in October, and a paper plate turkey in November.  $15.00 materials fee per student per semester, to be paid at the time of registration (no refunds).  For all ages.


Are you still searching for a sport for your child that he/she will enjoy?  Come learn and have fun.  Badminton is a racquet sport played by either 2-4 opposing players.  It is a great sport for almost all age groups.  We have limited racquets, please bring your own racquet if you have one.  For ages 7 and up.


You Can Do It: Jump right into the game or activity with a clear explanation of how to perform an essential skill or tactic. Take it to the Court: Apply the skill in a game situation. This class stresses the importance of fundamentals. We will incorporate drills that develop each player and promote sportsmanship throughout the game.  For ages 8 -12 years. 

Cantonese Culture

Learn the history and life of the Cantonese people. Students will explore food, art, music, language, pop culture, geography, contributions, and other interesting facts.  All ages.

Chinese American History

Students will explore the history of the Chinese in America and their many contributions to the Gold Mountains.  Student participation is expected as self-exploration in dealing with individualism, stereotyping, parent expectations, fitting in, and other facets of being and growing up Chinese in America will be looked at as we move through the timeline.  Light homework will be given.  Grades 6 and up. 

Chinese Chess

This class teaches the fundamentals of Chinese chess, including the set-up, strategies, gamesmanship and sportsmanship.  Students gain experience and skill by playing against each other and against the teacher during class time.  Students are expected to come to class with their own Chinese chess boards.  Ages 8 and above.

Chinese Cultural Art

​The goal of this class is to provide students with lively instructions, by immersing students in the traditional Chinese cultural art, through carefully planned course work. Students ages 7-15 are encouraged to sign up for this fun-filled class. While the fundamental work expressed by students who take this class is through arts, cultivating observation is also an important objective of this class. Students will be exposed to different mediums and methods of arts, including calligraphy, Chinese painting, origami, clay sculpting, and other 3D arts. The teacher will lead discussions to incorporate the impact of the art on Chinese culture. Parents who are interested are also welcome to reserve the material and participate in the creating process with their children during class. Students are to supply their own calligraphy brushes. If necessary, the teacher can assist in purchasing calligraphy brushes for the students.  $25.00 materials fee per student per semester, to be paid at the time of registration (no refunds). The class is limited to 12 students.  For ages 7-15 years.

Chinese Folk Dance

The students will learn basic skills for Chinese Folk dance each week. They will also learn a dance to perform at the annual Chinese New Year celebration. If the students are advanced enough they will start to learn a fan dance (we will provide the fans). This class will range from basic to advance skills and is lots of fun if the students try their best.  Students must bring ballet shoes and leggings/dance clothes.  For ages 6-12 years. ​

Chinese History I

The course will introduce some of the popular myths, amazing achievements, events, people and theories that shaped the foundation of Chinese culture from the beginning of the world's longest continued civilization. Students will be constantly challenged as they gain knowledge of ancient Chinese history, from the Yellow Emperor, Duke of Jou, Confucius, and Lao Zi to Chinese inventions, four books and five scriptures, Great Wall of China, and the intriguing stories of struggles between the winners and the less fortunate.  Grades 4-10. 

Chinese History II

This course is a continuation of Chinese History I, beginning with the glorious Tang Dynasty (618 AD) and discovering the exciting times of each dynasty through interesting stories, significant developments, and key issues. Students will learn how each dynasty has contributed immensely to the world's longest civilization. The end of the course will cover the Republican period, World War II, and the Communist regime. Students will also learn what impact Chinese history has had on the world stage, and vice versa. Grades 4-10 or ages 9 and above. 

Chinese History III

This course will start with the Boxer's Rebellion, the lease of Hong Kong, and other important events that shaped the relations between China and modern European powers, including the struggle of the Republic era, the rise of Communism, and the civil war.  We will also examine the roles China took during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The instructor will introduce the intriguing players involved during this complex time, and of course their ascent to the throne or the mystery of their murder. This course will answer many questions about China and Taiwan, and challenge your perspective about the future of this ancient culture. Grades 5-10 or ages 9 and above; adults also welcome. 

Chinese Music & Songs

​This is an introductory course of traditional Chinese music and songs.  It will include basic vocalization techniques, learning several folk songs, and a performance on Chinese New Year.  Prior experience is not required.  For ages 6 years and up. 

Chinese Painting

Learn how to paint a range of popular subjects using traditional and contemporary Chinese brush painting techniques.  Projects gradually increase in difficulty, and feature such subjects as rivers, towns, bamboo, flowers, animals, and more. 

Chinese Yo-yo

The Chinese yo‐yo group performs tricks ranging from the basic to advanced.  The 扯鈴, or che ling, originates from the Ming Dynasty and was originally made from bamboo.  Today it is made of plastic and has built‐in grooves to produce the whistling sound you hear when the yo‐yo spins at high speed.  For all ages. 

Drawing (Beginner/Intermediate)

Students will be taught the basics of realistic drawing.  Various mediums and techniques will be introduced as the year progresses.  Lessons will be simplified for younger students, if needed.  Students must bring to class an unlined sketchbook/pad, pencils, colored pencils, sharpener, and pencil case.  For ages 6 years and up.

Lion Dance

The South Jersey Lion Dance Troupe teaches the basics of traditional Chinese lion dance. It helps students develop coordination and learn about team work. The group participates in several performances throughout the year to celebrate Chinese holidays and heritage.​

Martial Arts

Get in great shape with classic Chinese martial exercises!  By learning a variety of kung fu techniques from both traditional and contemporary wushu styles, you will improve your flexibility, coordination, endurance, and strength.  Students should wear exercise clothing and sneakers to every session, and please remember to bring some water to drink afterwards.  For ages 8 years and up.

Math Tutorial

​Ask about math topics covered in school.  Get individual help with math homework.  Preview upcoming school math topics.  Topics ranging from Arithmetic through Algebra 1.   Grades 1st through 8th.  Enrollment limited to 10 students.

Paper Quilling

In this class, you will immerse in the beautiful art of quilling. The goal of this class is to provide students with the resources needed to turn ordinary strips of paper into beautiful designs along with fun filled instruction. This class will provide students with the opportunity to make greeting cards, with animals, flowers, and other adornment of their choice. The flexible paper used in quilling will let student’s imagination run wild. Different styles to quilling will be introduced by using a wide variety of utensils. Students will be exposed to an art dating back to the ancient Egyptians and made popular during the Renaissance. Quilling promotes patience due to its relaxing yet stimulating nature. At the end of each class, students will most often be able to take home elegantly finished artwork. Projects will gradually increase in sophistication level as students gain proficiency. This unique class is designed for all ages. Students under 5 years of age are encouraged to have a parent or guardian present.  $10.00 materials fee per student per semester, to be paid at the time of registration (no refunds).  The class is limited to 10 students.  For all ages.

Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

Learn ping pong fundamentals or refine skills already mastered.  All levels are welcome.  Please bring your own paddle.

SAT Critical Reading and Writing

This course is designed to give students practice with SAT Critical Reading and Writing.  Each week the students will complete one section of an SAT Critical Reading or Writing test and we will go through the answers and explanations  in class.  Every two weeks we will do an in-class, timed, 25 minute essay.   The essays will be graded (using the College Board rubric) and returned the following week.  This class is appropriate for all high school students.  Middle school students who are very strong readers are also welcomed. 

SAT Math

This class will focus on helping students prepare for the math section of the SAT test.  Every class will include a mini lesson, group work, and individual practice on sample test questions.  Ages 15 and above. Limit 10 students.

Wei Qi (GO)

The game of Wei Qi (Go) is thought to have originated at least 2500 - 4000 years ago. A prominent legend holds that the sage-king Yao created the game to teach his rebellious son discipline.  By 400 - 300 B.C., Chinese scholars such as Confucius were writing about wei qi.  By the 1600s it had become one of the "Four Accomplishments" (along with calligraphy, painting, and playing the lute) that must be mastered by the Chinese gentleman.  Ages 8 and above.

Zhe Zhi (Paper Folding) 

This class will start you on the road to enjoying the Chinese art of folding paper, turning an ordinary sheet of paper into an amazing work of art. Students will learn about different kinds of paper and their uses with zhe zhi, to follow instructions, and to fold paper into various animals, 3-D and 2-D figures, ninja stars, and more! Students must bring their own paper and be able to fold a piece of paper exactly in half without help.  Grades 2-6.

Descriptions of All Adult Culture Classes

Some classes may not be offered every semester.


If you enjoy badminton or you want to learn the game, join us for a one and a half hour session every week.  We have limited racquets, please bring your own racquet if you have one.


Informal basketball drill/play.

Chinese Painting

Learn how to paint a range of popular subjects using traditional and contemporary Chinese brush painting techniques.  Projects gradually increase in difficulty, and feature such subjects as rivers, towns, bamboo, flowers, animals, and more.  

Flower Arrangement

This course offers an introduction to flowers and floral arrangement. Techniques for fresh and silk flower care and handling will be covered. Several different styles of arrangement will be introduced. A flower set will be finished for taking home by the end of every class. Students need to bring own scissors and vase. Materials fee: $10 - $15 for flower materials every class (paid to the instructor). 

Line Dance

Line dance is a choreographed dance where a group of people dance in one or more lines usually facing the same direction. Line dance has similarities to folk dancing. Some dances are danced in pairs or a line formed into a circle. Line dancing is not only associated with country‐western music and dance. Many line dances have accompanied many popular music styles like modern pop, Irish and Latin. Students will learn line dance steps and ballroom steps. Line dancing is a healthy, therapeutic, social and interactive pastime and fun workout for everyone.

Mulan Boxing / Kung Fu Fan

Mulan Boxing is a combination of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and gymnastics. It is a slow motion exercise developed for women. Kung Fu Fan is another variation of Tai Chi. It combines the movements and techniques of Tai Chi Sword and Knife with the speed, power, and dexterity of Long Quan and Ba Gua. The instructor may purchase fans on behalf of students.  For more information about the instructor, visit

Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

Informal ping pong drill/play. Bring your own racquet and balls.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese form of martial arts many centuries old. The students will learn short form (8, 16, 24, 32, 42, 48 forms), and boxing and sword. For more information about the instructor, visit

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