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Our Community 我們的大家庭

The Chinese School of South Jersey (CSSJ) is not only a place for learning, but it is also a community gathering place for more than 100 families with a common interest – Chinese language and culture. CSSJ is a school for the entire family. During the youth language classes, parents can enroll in an adult class, teach a class, or help with the school activities. Parents are encouraged to participate in school affairs and activities. Many of the parents spend time in the cafeteria, the hub of activity on Sundays, to meet new families and catch up with friends.

The cafeteria is where the weekly sale of Chinese bakery items is held to raise money for student activities, and complementary hot tea and coffee are available to everyone. The cafeteria is also where school events occur, such as the Chinese New Year celebration performances, Gift Shop/Coupon Days, and annual Open House. Please see our detailed calendar of events for more information. 

Families and individuals belonging to the CSSJ community are considered CSSJ's Members. Every registered family is a voting member of CSSJ.  They are represented by the Members Representative on the Board of Directors.  The school is managed and operated by volunteers in both formal and informal roles. The formal roles include Board of Directors and Board of Trustees which are defined in the CSSJ bylaws. The informal roles include helping with all the different school activities and events, such as running the bakery sale, photocopying lessons for teachers, managing the Gift Shop/Coupon Day, and helping with the routine tasks of the school day. As a parent run school, each family is a voting Member and part of our community. CSSJ is non-political and non-religious.

Take a look at our language classes and culture classes, then come visit us and meet some of the parents and teachers who make CSSJ more than just a school.  You can also see examples of class work from our students on our News page.  CSSJ also relies on financial, in-kind, and time contributions from its community advocates. 

​CSSJ is a member of the Association of Chinese Schools and the Association of New Jersey Chinese Schools.

南澤西中文學校不僅是一個學習的地方,它也是一個由近100個對中國語言和文化有共同興趣的家庭組成的社區及聚會的場所。南澤西中文學校是一所整個家庭的學校。在小孩語文課的上課時間,家長可以報名參加成人班,授課,或幫助家長會。學校非常鼓勵家長參與學校事務和活動。許多家長花很多時間在學校餐廳-我們星期日的活動中心,以認識新的家庭,和朋友敘舊, 以及交換兒女教育心得。


 學校的管理和運作完全來自家長義工,這包括正式和非正式的角色。 正式的角色,包括執行委員,家長會長,和董事會,這些都定義在南澤西中文學校章程裏。   正式的角色包括主任,家長會,董事會。非正式的角色,包括幫助所有不同的學校活動和事件,如運行的麵包店出售,影印教師的教材,管理禮品店/優惠券日,以及在圖書館諮詢台服務。因為是一個家長辦的學校,每個家庭都是一個有投票權的成員,也是我們社區的一份子。南澤西中文學校是一個非政治和非宗教性的學校。



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