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Our School 我們的學校

What We Teach

We offer language classes for children from kindergarten through 10th grade, as well as for adults. Using both the zhuyin (bopomofo) and pinyin systems, we have classes for children whose parents are native Chinese speakers (A series) and for children learning Chinese as a second language (B series). Introductory Chinese and Accelerated Chinese are the language classes available for adults to learn at their own pace.

Children enrolled in a language class (2:00-3:50 pm) can choose of the youth culture classes (4:00-4:50 pm). Children of all skill levels are welcome to participate. We also offer academic classes that supplement math and English skills. Adults can also enroll in a choice of several adult culture classes for a nominal tuition. 

Parents are welcome to sit with their younger children in the classroom to be involved in their learning process. 

Experience and Passion

Our teachers are all passionate about the mission of our school – to teach and preserve traditional Chinese language and culture. Their commitment extends well beyond the classroom on Sundays to preparing weekly lessons and working with individual students to ensure a positive learning experience. Some of our teachers have taught for more than 10 years at our school and many have received training through the annual Penn Chinese Workshop for Chinese School Teachers. Their wealth of experience and talents, combined with their enthusiasm, truly enriches our school and community.

Our school follows the Cherry Hill School District schedule.  It is on Sundays, 2:00-4:50 pm. Read more about the community of CSSJ.  All who have an interest in Chinese language and culture are welcome! 



對於 語文班的小孩(下午2:00-3:50),學費包括一個可以選擇的文化課(下午4:00-4:50)。任何技能程度的小孩均可參加。此外,我們也提供幫助學生課業的學術班。像補充數學和英文都有開班。只要象徵性的學費,成人也可參加專為成人設計的文化班。進一步了解我們的文化班...



我們的老師都為我們學校的使命充滿熱情 – 那就是教導和保留傳統的中國語言和文化。他們對學校的投入遠遠超出課堂上課的教學時間。每週精心設計的教材,並與個別學生做的輔導工作,以確保一個積極的學習經驗都是我們學校老師的最佳寫照。我們的一些教師在我們學校任教超過10年,許多人都受過賓大年度中文研討會中文教師的培訓。他們豐富的經驗和人才,結合了他們的積極性,真正豐富了我們的學校和社區的文化品質。

我們的學校的上課日程與櫻桃山校區秋季學期日程同步,學校上課時間是週日下午2:00 - 4:50。 進一步了解關於我們和南澤西中文學校社區。 凡對中國語言和文化有興趣者,都歡迎報名!

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