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Course Offerings for Fall 2020

Register by August 27 to save $25 on tuition fee

To enable our families to continue to learn and come together as a community while physically distancing during the pandemic, CSSJ is offering virtual classes and modified offerings for the Fall 2020 term. All classes will still be conducted on Sunday afternoons, starting from the end of September or early October.

Two types of classes will be offered:

Language classes

  • These will be similar to our in-person language classes, but will vary in length based on the age of students. At a minimum, youth students will have 30-50 minutes a week and adult students will have 100 minutes a week.

  • They will run for the entire semester or 15 weeks. Depending on enrollment, some classes may need to be combined.

Thematic classes

  • These will have specific cultural themes and may include language components. Each class is 30-50 minutes long and may be taught in English or in Chinese.

  • Classes will be arranged in 3 modules of 5 weeks each, run by age group when possible.

Students have the option of taking only language classes, only thematic classes, or both.

  • Each registered student will be placed in a language class by the Academic Team and will have the option of selecting 1 or 2 thematic classes per module. 

  • A flat tuition rate of $150 per student includes 15 weeks of language classes and thematic classes. 

  • Tuition will be $175 per student after August 27, 2020.

  • Please choose up to 3 themes that might be of interest to each student. (This will help the team with planning the courses and does not guarantee enrollment in particular thematic classes.)






  • 內容會與以往的語言班相似,不過上課時間基於學生年齡將有所改變。兒童班每星期將會有30 - 50 分鐘的上課時間,成人班將會有100 分鐘的課程。

  • 持續整個學期或15週。憑最後註冊的學生人數,有些語言班也許會合併。


  • 內容融合不同的文化主題,與語言教育並行發展。每節課約30 - 50 分鐘。課程也許用中文或英文教學。

  • 課程規劃於每五週一個單元。一學期一共有三個單元。


  • 教務組將會為每位註冊的學生以語言能力推薦語言班。每位註冊的學生還可以每星期日選擇上一或兩節專題班。

  • 每位學生一學期固定學費是$150。學費包括15 週的語言班和專題班。 

  • 學費在8月27日以後將會是$175。

  • 每位學生請選擇三項有興趣的主題。(選擇這些項目可助學校規劃課程,並不能保證學生都會拿到選擇的專題班。)

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