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Registration 註冊

Register for spring term is now closed.  The spring term begins on February 21, 2021, and classes will continue to take place online on Sunday afternoons. 

New students: Interested in taking a class but not currently or previously enrolled at CSSJ? Please complete this form for our children and youth language program or this form for our adult language program before registering.

Course Offerings for Spring 2021

CSSJ Spring 2021 Course Offerings.png

Language classes


  • 50 minutes a week for youth and children classes, and 100 minutes a week for adult classes. 

  • Classes run for the entire semester or 15 weeks.

Thematic classes (elective)

  • Each thematic class is 5 weeks long (one module).  There are three modules in a semester.

  • Each student has at least 3 options of age-appropriate thematic classes to choose from.  Students may also opt out of thematic classes, if not interested.

Traditional culture classes (elective)

  • Each culture class is 15 weeks long (one semester).  Classes are in Chinese, English, or bilingual.

  • Students may also opt out of culture classes, if not interested.

For information on elective classes, please see Spring 2021 Thematic & Culture Classes.


Registration 註冊


​​新學生:是否有興趣註冊,但目前或以前沒有就讀於南澤西中文學校? 在註冊兒童和青少年語言課程之前,請填寫此表格,或在註冊成人語言課程之前,請填寫此表格






  • 兒童班每星期有30 - 50 分鐘的上課時間,成人班有100 分鐘的課程。​

  • 持續整個學期或15週。

專題班 (選修)

  • 課程於每五週一個單元。一學期一共有三個單元。

  • 每位學生一學期可選上最多三堂適合年齡的專題課程。如果學生對專題班沒有興趣,則可不用選上此課。

傳統文化班 (選修)

  • 持續整個學期或15週。上課由英文或中英文上課。

  • 如果學生對文化班沒有興趣,則可不用選上此課。



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